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Child play can be seen as a rehearsal for adult life. I am currently working on a personal project called Game Over which documents toys left by children when they have finished with them. If a toy is a proxy of the real thing can we read something else into these accidental arrangements of objects?

Game Over No. 4

Game Over No. 4


Game Over No. 2


Public relations photography shoot in Wiltshire

It isn’t easy to operate a camera with an ice cream in your hand but over the ast couple of weeks I have been doing some public relations photography¬†for Ice Cream Events. They sell locally made Marshfield Farm Ice Cream from a 45 year old former french fire engine and vintage British made Pashley trikes. The images are to be used on their website, point of sale materials and in their social media promotions. Of course it is essential to immerse oneself in the product when you are working to promote a brand so I managed to ‘taste’ at least half of their available flavours.

public relations photography - Ice Cream Events 1968 Citroen van

Ice Cream Events 1968 Citroen van

PR public relations photography - Ice Cream Events

Ice Cream Events