Salon des Refusés at Aberystwyth Art Centre

Shortly after being told that my work had not been selected for this year’s ‘Y Lle Self’ (the art place) at the National Eisteddfod,  I received an invitation to show my rejected film at the Aberystwyth Art Centre as part of their Salon des Refusés exhibition.

The original Salon des Refusés was set up in the mid 19th Century by artists that had been rejected by the annual Paris Salon and decided to show their work in an alternative venue. The salon soon became a space where the many of the early impressionists could get their work seen by the public.

The Palais de l'Industrie, where the event took place. Photo by Édouard Baldus.

The Palais de l’Industrie, where the Salon des Refusés took place. Photo by Édouard Baldus.

Despite not making it to the Eisteddfod itself, the work in the exhibition was of a high standard. I was proud to have my film shown in such a great venue alongside a wide range of work produced by over a 100 highly accomplished Welsh artists.

Ffion Rhys, the exhibition’s curator selected Passing trade (Masnach sy’n Pasio) for the show. This work was screened at the John Ruskin Prize and the Small Axe Film Festival in 2019 but hasn’t been out much since so it was great for it to get an airing again in Aberystwyth.

Still image from Passing Trade

Still image from Passing Trade

I have also included some images of other artist’s work from the exhibition.

'Cranky' by Peter Stevenson

‘Cranky’ by Peter Stevenson

Weeping, by David Garner

Gallery 2, Aberystwyth Art Centre

Gallery 2, Aberystwyth Art Centre

Winner ! – 2022 Signature Art Prize – (film and photography category)

For three years in a row, my work has been shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize and screened at the gala event in London. In 2020 Passing Trade was selected, in 2021, Procession was selected and it was third time lucky this year as Terminal was selected for the finalist exhibition and was then chosen as the winning piece in the film and photography category.  It has been quite a year for this film having appeared at numerous film festivals and exhibitions both in the UK and abroad.

Finalist 2022 Signature Art Prize - Terminal

Linear economics and the throwaway society

This is an image from a project I have been working on for some time on linear economics and the throwaway society. The image in this post is a close up of a damaged TV screen that I picked up on eBay. The damage area also captures a moment of acute anguish for the previous owner. The screen would have been part of a production run of many hundreds of thousands of identical units. In a single moment, the accident created something that was unique and one of a kind but also valueless.

Smash! Gif taken from HD video


The edited video is displayed simultaneously on two damaged , large damaged plasma TVs. The video below shows Smash as it was displayed in a group exhibition in the Sion Hill Gallery in Bath.

Terminal will be appearing at the Leeds International Film Festival in November

Following its success in winning the Zealous digital art prize and screenings at the Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham and Sea Change in Edinburgh, Terminal is now heading to Yorkshire for the 2021 Leeds International Film Festival in November. Leeds is the largest UK film festival outside of London and selection means the film will qualify for other upcoming events, (watch this space). Tickets for the screening can be purchased online

Poster for film including laurels for Leeds film festival