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Extended exposure pinhole photography – camera harvest

I have just harvested the last lot of 6 month pinhole extended exposure pinhole cameras from sites across the South West of England. This is one of the best shots so far taken at Cheney Court near Bath. The colours in the image are completely natural. While I use black and white photographic paper it seems to change colour according to the subject.

extended exposure pinhole photography

6 month pinhole photograph, Cheney Court

Creating a media rich website for free

A high quality editable dynamic website full of images and video does not need to cost the earth, in fact with the right tools it is quite possible to produce it yourself for free. In the workshop you will learn how to use a camera or camera phone to take better pictures and video, edit them and upload them to your website.

I have over twenty years experience teaching photography and digital imaging.

Topics covered:

  • Getting the best possible pictures and video from whatever camera (or mobile phone/ compact camera) you have available
  • Setting up the website
  • Choosing a design
  • Incorporating social media
  • Making it dynamic and getting it noticed
  • Video, stills and other media


For individual on site £400

For groups of up to 8 attendees £1000

The website below was produced by Ice Cream Events after attending a training session

Free website designed by Ice Cream Events

Free website designed by Ice Cream Events

The dying craft of the street photographer

When I first started traveling to the developing world in the late 1980s I remember seeing photographers using strange tripod mounted contraptions to take their pictures. The photographers used to gather in central squares and parks where their customers could easily find them and they might have attractive floral or architectural backgrounds.

cuban photographer001

Cuban street photographer – Havanna © Nigel Goldsmith 1998

The pictures they took might record weddings, birthdays or have more formal applications such as ID cards. In Bolivia I once asked a photographer what took place in the box, while my Spanish is OK, I couldn’t follow the technical explanation, fortunately this wonderful film shows how one of the last remaining photographers creates his pictures.