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Trade union photography

Photography and illustration for trade unions and NGO’s

I have had the pleasure of working with many trade unions since I started as a photographer and illustrator in 1994. I have covered campaigns, mergers, strikes, conferences, festivals and almost every other area in which unions are active. Some of my photography has won the TUC annual awards.

Trade union photography at conferences and AGMs

I have worked on conferences and AGMs for PCS, ACCORD, RMT and ASLEF. The types of shots I have taken include, portraits, delegates and the lecture, guest speakers, reactions from the audience, group shots and informal shots of delegates enjoying the event.

Trade union photography - AGM conference delegate

Delegate at ASLEF AGM

Trade union photography - group shot

Group photograph at ACCORD conference

Trade union photography - pictures of audience

Questions from the floor – ACCORD conference

trade union photography - Guest speaker at trade union  conference - John McDonnell

Guest speaker at trade union conference – John McDonnell

Images for magazines, journals and publications.

I often take images to go on the cover of the union journal or for editorial images to go inside. These might be documentary, illustrative or staged images.

ASLEF cover


Campaign illustrations and photomontages

Sometimes a still image cannot illustrate a complex story effectively but an illustration or photomontage made from a number of separate images can create a powerful campaigning image.

Work Life Balance image for PCS

trade union photography and illustration

Commissioned Photomontage for CWU created using Photoshop

trade union photography - Jeremy Corbyn at TUC Tolpuddle Festival

Jeremy Corbyn – leader of the Labour Party – Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival

Documentary photography project on medical students at Bristol University

Documentary photography project at Bristol University

I recently had to photograph medical students at different stages in their training at university and at teaching academies in Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester and Taunton. Through the five year course the students work in several different hospitals in the region experiencing a wide range of real and simulated medical situations. Some of the images in the documentary photography section of this website show students during a simulated medical emergency.

The images have been used by Bristol University in both print and screen form to illustrate the content of the course to prospective students.

Documentary photography project at Bristol University

Medical School


Documentary photography project at Bristol University

Medical students relax between classes

Documentary photography project at Bristol University

Taking bloods

There are more images from this series in the documentary section of the photography gallery.