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Return to in-person smartphone photography training

After almost two years of purely online teaching I have finally returned to true, in person teaching. I am now offering 1 to 1 or group teaching on site or, if convenient a central Bath training space. I currently offer on-site training to clients across the UK and EU and I have delivered online training to customers around the globe.

Popular in-person workshops include;

  • smartphone photography  (for iPhone and Android)
  • editing images on a smartphone  (for iPhone and Android)
  • smartphone videography.  (for iPhone and Android)
  • iPhone photography
  • iPhone videography

Online training

There is still a huge demand for online training which I will continue to deliver to both individuals and groups.

My training can be ‘off the shelf’ or I can tailor the training to the learners requirements. For more information or a quote, drop me an email at

Training session - in person

Smartphone videography workshop Image courtesy Dave Webb

Thanks to Dave Webb for the workshop images.


Vertical Movie Festival in Rome

I have produced many vertical films for screening in galleries in recent years but it was not until a month or two ago that I discovered there are film festivals celebrating the vertical format. One such festival is the Vertical Movie festival in Rome. I was excited to discover that on the 17th September one of my films will be screened as part of their annual programme.