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image of Ship breakers, Bangladesh

Ship breakers, Chittagong 12″x12″ £180

image of Ship breakers, Bangladesh

Ship breakers, Chittagong 12″x12″ £180

image of Ship breakers, Bangladesh

Ship breakers, Chittagong 12″x12″ £180

iPhone photography and videography training – 1:1 and small groups

I am now taking bookings for iPhone (or Android) photography and videography training.

In addition to learning how to master your phones technical features, the training can also look at improving the appearance of your pictures covering topics such as composition, viewpoint and framing for a range of different subject types.

Small group training is ideal for staff development, improving images for social media campaigns and as a creative activity for groups and clubs. One to one training can be for up-skilling individual team members or for personal interest or improving photographic skills before a major event.

Training can be delivered online or in person and is always tailored to meet the attendees interests and ability. Training can be delivered weekdays, evenings and some weekends. For more information, please contact

Trees in mist

Landscape picture taken with iPhone 14 Pro

Camera-less photography and mobile pinhole workshops and training

It is possible to produce photographs without the need for a camera. This ‘hardcore’ analogue workshop explores the purest form of photography, recording the unrepeatable shadows and reflections of light rays captured in a darkroom and resulting unique and ‘one-off’ images. This workshop explores photograms, luminograms, paper negatives and other experimental analogue photographic techniques. The results are unique, original and impossible to repeat.

The workshop is aimed at anyone that wants to explore analogue photography in it purest form or that wants to learn about the basic principles of photography and how it still has something to offer in a world where digital imaging seems to dominate.

This workshop can be combined with a pinhole photography workshop. To deliver the session effectively I either use a large format DeVere 504  enlarger or, if on-site I bring a compact semi-professional LPL C7700 enlarger so I can also cover traditional darkroom practice if required.

Photograms and luminograms washing

Photograms and luminograms washing

Pinhole image Cheney Court

6 month pinhole photograph Cheney Court near Bath

This workshop can be delivered to small groups on site using an existing darkroom or, I can bring a compact and temporary portable darkroom. The workshop can be delivered on-site anywhere in the UK or in my small darkroom near Bath in the UK. All I require to run this workshop on-site is a 240V mains socket and a nearby sink. In extreme situations, I can even supply the mains electricity for a short period of time using a portable battery pack.

Prices for the camera-less photography workshop start at £350.

Nova Darkroom Tent, outside (left) inside (right)

For information about my other analogue photography and darkroom workshops, click here


‘Broken bones and brake lights’ photogram with road debris

Analogue film photography and darkroom workshops – in-person

I am now offering onsite analogue and darkroom photography workshops and consultancy services to individuals, schools, colleges and organisations. If you want to create a darkroom from scratch or revive and old one, I can help you to get up and running.

Man wearing black apron in photographic darkroom with Deere 504 enlarger in background

If you do not have a darkroom but would like to learn the basics or introduce your students to analogue photography I can set up a small temporary darkroom in your home, classroom or office.

‘We had Nigel come into school for a day to train myself and another colleague in darkroom photography, to enable us to be confident enough in teaching both GCSE and A-level students the same skills after our photography specialist is no longer able to teach. The day was jam packed and we both learnt a lot about various parts of traditional darkroom photography, the developing process, pin hole cameras, photograms and luminograms. Emma Hart, Sandy Secondary School, Bedfordshire

I can help you with;

  • Setting up a darkroom of your own or reviving an old darkroom that has been unused for a while.
  • If you do not have a darkroom or any of the equipment, I can bring a portable darkroom along with all of the equipment and materials to your home or workplace. All I will need is electricity and a sink.
  • Providing an introduction to cameraless photography, pinhole photography, photograms and luminograms.
  • Introduction to black and white film photography, film processing, printing and advanced and experimental printing techniques.
  • If you would like to introduce film (analogue photography) into your GCSE / A level / BTEC programme but do not have the knowledge or facilities, I can help you to address common problems encountered by students with film photography and help you to embed the media into a curriculum.

Prices start at £350 for a day of onsite training. Follow this link for more information about film (analogue) and darkroom workshops and consultancy services.

Photograms and luminograms washing

Photograms and luminograms in wash

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, do let me know.

Darkroom materials and equipment

Preparing a darkroom