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Procession shortlisted for Signature Art Prize

My short film ‘Procession’ has been shortlisted in the photography and video category for the Signature Art Prize. The winners will be announced on the 13th February. The finalists will be on show at the Bankside Hotel in Central London from mid February to the end of March.

In 2019, my video 14,000 metal boxes was shown at The Holden Gallery in Manchester as part of the John Ruskin Prize, finalists exhibition. The same film was also screened at the Small Axe Film Festival.


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Video of 14,000 TEU container ship

Produce, Consume, Dispose, Repeat…….

Our modern economies are now highly dependent on consumer spending. When in recession, governments often rely on a ‘consumer led recovery’ to bring the economy into the black. ‘Consumer confidence’ is a measure of the strength of an economy. Uncontrolled consumption however is unsustainable. In the west, we are consuming goods at an ever greater speed, the resources we consume are difficult or impossible to replenish while the carbon released and pollution created is leading to a rapidly degraded natural environment.

A fleet of huge container ships is needed to bring the goods we consume to our doors in The West. The ship in the video carries up to 14,000 containers. The largest currently at sea carry around 21,000 containers and there are plans to build even larger ships in the near future.

The video has been created as part of a project I am working on in my MA in Fine Art.

Short training video shot with smartphone (iPhone SE)

Most smartphones are capable of producing good quality videos if used with care. This short instructional video was shot on an iPhone SE using FilmicPro.

This is a taste of what would be covered in a longer workshop. If you would like to learn more about my smartphone photography or videography workshops, please let me know.


Clients include; The Royal Photographic Society, the WI, Microsoft and the University of Bath.