A pinhole camera is one of the simplest devices you can make and, if used with care can take pictures beyond the abilities of even the most sophisticated of digital cameras.  In this informative and entertaining talk, I take the audience back in time to over 400 years BC to the earliest types of camera before looking at the work of the pioneers of analogue photography before explaining my personal journey through the history of photography and how this has inspired a pinhole project that I have been working on for nearly 20 years. Exposure times are normally measured in fractions of a second and occasionally for whole seconds or even minutes, the pictures in this talk are taken over the course of several months or even years so they capture the world in a way no normal camera can.

Pinhole image Cheney Court

6 month pinhole Cheney Court near Bath.

The extreme pinhole photography project has led to exhibitions, practical workshops, formal training sessions and invitations to chat about my work with an audience. I have delivered this talk at National Trust properties, universities, WI groups, camera clubs, history societies and many other types of group. No previous understanding of photography is required.

Talks start at £80 for a group of up to 100 people.  I normally need a large TV screen or projector with HDMI connection to run the talk. I can provide these at a small additional price. I am based near Bath and there is a small charge for travel to and from the venue. This talk can also be delivered online. For more information please email me mail@nigelgoldsmith.co.uk