Rather than packing a point and shoot digital camera when we go on holiday I always like to take one of my veteran film cameras. These cameras still take lovely photographs which have a quality that digital lacks. Most of the pictures taken during the trip to Bangladesh were shot with my twin lens Mamiya C330 rather than the digital SLR that sat gathering dust in the bag next to it.

This year I took my Hasselblad 500 CM, on holiday, the children didn’t appreciate its fine Carl Zeiss optics nor the square picture format. They hated the way everything was back to front and didn’t much like not knowing what they had taken until we returned home. I loved taking every single frame.

The real beauty of this vintage 40 year old camera is that it is completely compatible with modern digital camera backs so, when I want to take a digital shot I just remove the film back and put a digital one on.

Maybe next year I will take the large format Sinar

Grace getting to grips with the Hasselblad 500cm. Picture taken with an Apple telephone

Grace getting to grips with the Hasselblad. Picture taken with an Apple telephone

Hass 1001