Mobile phone photography and video training

Short mobile phone photography workshop (1-2 hours)

This fun yet practical session shows how you can get better pictures from your mobile phone. It covers general camera phone app settings as well as composition, lighting and exposure.

This popular mobile phone photography training session has been delivered at the University of Bath, Linguarama and to numerous other groups and individuals. The skills covered will help attendees to get better portrait and product pictures for social media, publicity, promotion or even high quality print.

mobile phone photography class in Bath and Bristol

mobile phone photography class

Modern mobile phones are quite capable of delivering high quality images if used with care. Images can be taken spontaneously and shared immediately, saving time and the cost of  hiring a professional photographer.

The session provides a practical and fun staff development activity during team building events or for continual professional development (CPD).

No previous photography experience required.

Product photography shot with iphone

The practical, mobile phone photography session is between one and two hours in length and attendees learn how to get better quality portrait and product pictures from their mobile device.

The class is suited to groups of between 4 and 12 students, all they need to bring is a fully charged, modern mobile device.

The price for the workshop is £250 per group (maximum size 12).

We are Bath/Bristol based. For events outside this area there may be additional cost for travel/accomodation.

For more information please email

Food photography shot with iPhone

Food photography shot with iPhone

Capturing high quality media with your smartphone (1 day on-site workshop)

We can also offer a more advanced 1 day course which explains how to capture the best quality video, audio and still photography on a mobile device. The workshop covers; photographing people, photographing objects, composition, exposure, lighting, filming interviews and testimonials, editing and delivery.

The teaching can be tailored to suit the needs of a group

Our prices start at £400 /day for up to 4 people.