Online and face to face mobile phone photography training

Short intro to mobile phone photography workshop (1-3 hours) (face to face & online) from £55 per hour for 1-2-1 and small group training. These sessions make great gifts and I have vouchers that can be presented to someone as a birthday present, or as a prize or reward for a work colleague.

This fun yet practical workshop shows how you can get better pictures from your mobile phone. It covers preparing your smart phone, general camera phone app settings as well as composition, exposure and editing.

The session was informative and interactive, Nigel was friendly, approachable, encouraged questions, and gave time for experimenting.  Numerous times throughout the evening, one or another member could be heard saying “I had no idea my phone could do that!”.  We have no hesitation in recommending Nigel as a speaker to any group, large or small. Arwen Beaton, Brislington WI
mobile phone photography class in Bath and Bristol
This popular mobile phone photography training session has been delivered at the University of Bath, Linguarama, 24 Hours in the City the Royal Photographic Society Microsoft, Zurich Insurance, Royal Automobile Club and to numerous other groups and individuals. The skills covered will help attendees to get better portrait and product pictures for social media, publicity, promotion, for pleasure or even high quality print.

Modern mobile phones are quite capable of delivering high quality, print ready images if used with care. Images can be taken spontaneously and shared immediately, saving time and the cost and delay in  hiring a professional photographer.

The workshop provides a practical and fun staff development activity or for continual professional development (CPD).

No previous photography experience required.

Product photography shot with iphone

The practical, mobile phone photography session is between one and three hours in length (depending on content required) and attendees learn how to get better quality pictures from their mobile device and learn how to edit them. While I use an iPhone for the demonstrations, most features are also available on Android or other platforms.

We also look at a few affordable accessories that can improve quality or build on the camera’s features.

Macro image taken with iPhone CS

Macro image taken with iPhone CS

The practical class is suited to groups of up to 20 students in size, all students need to bring is a fully charged, modern mobile device. The session has been delivered to groups of over 200 individuals though this is less interactive than with smaller groups.

Online workshop prices start from £55 per hour  (maximum size 20). For on site training please contact me for a quote.

Nigel gave me technical and video shooting tips that will take me to the next step of filming my own business video. He is a knowledgeable and generous teacher. N.P, Athens

For on site training, there may be an additional charge for travel and possibly accommodation so please contact me for a more detailed quote.


mobile phone photography training

Food photography shot with iPhone

Capturing high quality audio and video with your smartphone (1 day on-site and online workshop)

I also offer a more advanced 1 day course which explains how to capture the best quality video, audio and still photography and editing on a mobile device. The workshop covers; photographing people, photographing objects, composition, exposure, lighting, high quality sound and video capture, filming interviews, presentations to camera and testimonials, editing and delivery.


Smartphone photography and videography online and face to face presentations

As an alternative to a practical workshop, I also offer talks on the subject to camera clubs, photographic societies and others that want an overview of the subject rather than a practical workshop. This also works for groups larger than twenty where interaction is more difficult. This talk has been delivered to groups of over 300 attendees. Prices for talks start from £80.