Since the start of the Pandemic, all of my training has moved online.  By far the most popular subject is smartphone photography. I have delivered online training to individuals and to groups of over 300. Smartphone photography courses make great staff training activities, link well with social media training as well as being purely for pleasure. Training is tailored to suit the needs of the client but typically involves the hidden features of the smartphone camera, taking control of your smartphone camera, getting better pictures and editing on your smartphone using Snapseed. I can also deliver courses on smartphone videography.

Nigel put together an excellent three hour online presentation on the use of smartphone cameras.  The content was well thought out, timed to perfection, presented seamlessly and so in demand that we ran a further 5 sessions for groups of 12 participants.  He adapted it to suit all camera models and covered most of their technical capabilities aswell as looking at the editing software.   His knowledge and presentation skills were appreciated by beginners as well as the more experienced photographers in our group. Gillian Tiplady, Royal Automobile Club

Workshop - photograph, video and audio recording with smartphones

Workshop – photograph, video and audio recording with smartphones

Clients for my smartphone photography training courses include; Microsoft, the Royal Photographic Society, the Royal Automobile Club, Zurich Insurance and numerous individuals and camera clubs both in the UK and abroad.

The sessions also make enjoyable yet practical staff development and team building activities.

Talks and workshops are tailored for each audience or group but typical sessions include;

  • smartphone photography (the missing manual),
  • smartphone videography and editing,
  • apps for taking editing and sharing your pictures.

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