The value of web video

There is considerable research proving that online video can enhance the user experience and boost Google rankings but for many organisations the cost is way beyond their budget.

Online video should be of a high technical standard to retain the audience. A video crew typically has three or more skilled people to capture the image, record the sound, light the set, direct the process and put it all together in the editing suite. In contrast, a photo-film can be produced by one person.

still images for photo film

What is a photo-film?

A photo film is a set of still images, carefully ordered into a series to create a slide show. A voiceover or soundtrack is combined with the images to produce an audio slide show. This is then published on familiar sits such as Vimeo or YouTube from where it can be embedded on websites, blogs or social media.

Like video the production is carefully planned, a script is written and a storyboarded is agreed. At a convenient time the images are taken or historic images might be digitised. A three minute photo-film can use between 50 and 100 images. The voiceover and ambient sound may be recorded during the visit or alternatively a voiceover artist can be hired. The media is then combined on standard video editing software and a ‘video’ is born.


Advantages of a photo-film

  • It is cheaper to produce than normal web video.
  • Involves a smaller crew which is less disruptive for the client.
  • As the sound is recorded separately it can be captured in a recording booth. This greatly improves the sound of the audio.
  • The images used to create the photo-film can also be supplied for other applications such as print or online publication.

Photo-film examples

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