A long time ago I produced a number of analogue photo / audio presentations knows as ‘tape-slide ‘ shows. The process was very technical and tended to only be used for gallery presentations. It involved setting up two or more slide projectors that were carefully aligned so that they both projected onto the same part of the screen. The system used two C60 audio tapes, one with the dialogue the other carried the timecode which synchronised the projectors to each other and to the audio. The end product always looked great but was expensive and time consuming to produce and during the quieter parts of the presentation you could often hear the slide transport system and the clunking of the carousel.

Today, tape-slide presentations have largely made way to digital photo slideshows or photo-films, these are much easier to create and are equally at home on websites or physical galleries. With quality images and audio these can look and sound as good if not better than a well executed video but involve considerably less post-production and crew members. Photo slideshows or photofilms are therefore considerably cheaper to produce than the equivalent length of video.

The photography and sound recording for a photofilm can normally be carried out in a single day. Normally the images are of activities, portraits, workplaces, products etc but can also use existing images supplied by the client providing that they own the copyright of the images. A typical 3 minute photofilm will use between 60 and 80 pictures drawn from a photoshoot of between 200 and 300 pictures.

The still images used to create the photofilm can also be used as stills on a website or for print purposes, the still shots can be supplied for a small additional fee.

Prices for the photography and sound recording for a 2-3 minute photofilm start from £550.

If digital copyright cleared images are submitted and only a voice over is required the price starts at £450.

Please contact me if you need material digitising for a photofilm.

This is a photo-film produced for a local gardening company. Click on the HD 1080p option to view the clip at the highest quality.