Happy customers make great video testimonials

Customer video testimonials are a highly effective way of promoting your product or service. Your satisfied customer will reassure potential clients and show that others have used your company and are satisfied with the service you gave them. Your presenter may also use the video to recommend your business to others.

The testimonial isn’t ‘pushy’ as it is presented by your customer rather than a representative of your business. The audience can see and hear your presenter speaking in their own words, it therefore helps to build trust in your business.

Video testimonials can be placed on your home page or on a previous client page.


There are three stages in creating a video testimonial

Pre Production

This typically involves, identifying your target audience, selecting your ‘star’ customers to deliver the testimonials, storyboarding the shoot and negotiating with the contributors.


Filming, digitisation and capture of all media to be used for the testimonial.

Post Production

Editing audio, video, stills and captions.

The Cost

Prices for video testimonials start from £650.

Photo films can also be used to present testimonials. Your customer is recorded answering a few questions after which images and video is shot. The elements are then edited together to produce the final testimonial. The advantage of the photo-film testimonial is that there are also a set of still images which may be used for other applications such as PR and social media.

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Video DSLR set up for shooting a video testimonial

Video DSLR set up for shooting a video testimonial