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Image digitisation service

We have recently launched a digitisation service for flat, two dimensional and three dimensional objects for museums, galleries, artists and other collections.

Digitisation with copy stand
Digitisation with copy stand

With several years of experience digitising and supporting collections in undertaking digitisation projects we are now offering a full consultancy service.

Services include

  • Flat original digitisation (scanning or photography)
  • Glass plate negatives and magic lantern slide capture
  • Three dimensional object capture (photography)
  • Small objects e.g. coins, watches, medals, jewelery etc.

Onsite training

  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom training
  • Creating a media rich website for free!
  • Digitisation, photography and scanning
  • NEW Getting started with your iPad

Clients include the National Trust and Transco.

We were very happy to work with Nigel as he provided a flexible and high quality learning experience.

He was able to tailor the training to our specific needs which proved to be a valuable and cost effective solution.

We look forward to working with Nigel again in the future.” National Trust-Picture Library

Digitisation service for the cultural heritage & academic sectors

Image digitisation service

For over eight years I have been providing a digitisation service along with support, training and advice on all aspects of digital image capture to UK universities, colleges, museums and galleries and the private sector.

Image digitisation service - digitising magic lantern slides

Digitising magic lantern slides

Just some of the services I offer:

  • Image digitisation, flat art photography, 3D studio photography and scanning Glass plate negatives, magic lantern slides, X-rays, photographs, paintings, prints etc
  • Image digitisation training Getting the most from your camera / scanner. Copy stand. Lighting. Image editing,
  • Colour management support, Training, setting up,
  • General digitisation ‘hand holding’, Site visit and workflow assessment
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom training. On site bespoke training
  • Developing ‘best practice’ Preparing a technical digitisation project guidebook