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The abandoned car. 12 month pinhole picture of a car park

Extended (12 month) pinhole picture from Ditteridge near Bath

The owner of the car on the left of this picture must have reduced their carbon footprint massively as it has hardly moved over the 12 months of this exposure. On the right, cars appear only as faint, unrecognisable ghosts. One of the fascinating qualities of these images is that they record features which the passing observer wouldn’t notice. How would you know which car had been abandoned if you took a normal photograph of a car park?

The lines in the sky show the passage of the sun across the sky through the year.


Abandoned car at Cheney Court

Abandoned car at Cheney Court

This image is part of an on-going project at Cheney Court near Bath. More images from this project can be seen here.

Hasselblad 500CM (V system) – end of an era

It has just been announced that the Hasselblad company have stopped making their ‘V’ system of cameras. These iconic cameras have been the reliable workhorses of countless photographers over the years. In all of the time I have had my 40+ year old Hasselblad 500CM it has hardly needed more than a minor service. It is probably their robust and reliable nature which has led to the decision by Hasselblad, photographers buy them once and never need to replace them. My Hasselblad has outlived numerous digital SLR cameras and I anticipate using it for work and pleasure for many years to come.

The Hasselblad ‘V’ system changed so little over the years that it became a standard for medium format digital backs. I still occasionally stick a digital back on the camera and use it for proper commercial jobs and it is always carefully smuggled in my holiday luggage on family holidays much to my companion’s chagrin. See earlier post

Hasselblad 500CM

My 40+ year old Hasselblad 500CM, a digital / analogue hybrid