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Digital SLR promotional video

This is a quick video to showcase a vintage Citroen van based just outside of Bath. All of the video was shot with digital SLR cameras (Nikon D800 and D600s). I had Keri Morgan from Hardenhuish School with me on her work experience week so she had the opportunity to follow the process from initial planning through to filming and then editing. It was also useful to have an extra set of eyes and ears on the set. We liked the soundtrack so much it was decided to use captions and titles rather than a voice over. To view the video at the highest quality choose HD from the video setting at the bottom right of the YouTube window.

Promotional video for

Promotional video for

Business overview web video

This short public relations web video shows the  making of Marshfield Farm Ice Cream, from cow to cone. Web videos are a great way to provide important information about your product or service to your audience. Online video can explain a complex process without the need for text. It has also been shown to improve search engine rankings.